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( Georgian Brandy Type )

Chacha is a powerful Georgian brandy made with pomace: solid remains of grapes such as skins, stems and seeds that remain after squeezing the juice. The drink is usually a by-product of vinification, in which the pomace is collected and aged before being distilled. With an alcohol content that varies between 40 and 60 percent, the chacha is usually clear and characterized by aromas of nuts. When aged in oak it acquires a light golden color and notes of vanilla, caramel and wood. Although it is produced commercially, many families make wine at home and also distill Chacha from the leftover pomace, while some producers even make it with whole grapes.


Contenido:  750 Ml
Alcohol:  50% vol.
Categoría:  Chacha Georgiana
País de origen:  Georgia
Fabricante:  LTD “Tsinandali Old Cellar”
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