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Wine Opener Set

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Unique air pump wine bottle opener, cutter, pourer and vacuum wine stopper, exquisite small color box packaging, is the perfect gift for wine lovers.
Air pressure wine bottle opener is efficient and labor-saving, it is convenient and quick way to open the bottle with compressed air, which can prevent hand injury and will not damage the cork.
Aluminum alloy body, strong ABS cover, Teflon needle surface treated with food grade, strong, corrosion resistant
Lightweight mini bottle opener, easy to carry; no power required, so you can use it anytime, anywhere, during camping or traveling.
The cutter is magnetic and can be easily attached to the refrigerator or any iron product.
Wine Vacuum Plug – Eliminate wasted wine, preserve the taste and keep the wine fresh!
Compatible with all wine bottles, it does not damage the cork to maintain the original flavor of the wine; compatible with all types and sizes of wine bottles.



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